Outline of the book of 2 kings

Overview of the book of 2 kings

The book of 2 Kings continues the story where 1 king left off. It includes Elijah’s prophetic ministry, depicting the ministry of Elijah’s successor, Elisha. It includes the defeat of Baal which occurred in Jehu’s purge and at the end of the Omride dynasty. It also includes the fall of the northern kingdom of Israel to Assyria and the fall of the southern kingdom of Judah to Babylon.

It continues the story of Israel and Judah. This book also describes how the kings refused God’s law. The kings didn’t respect the lord and served evil Gods. However, they were few people who served God and they were called the prophets. They were sent by God to warn the people. But the nations of Israel and Judah have not obeyed the words of the prophets. So God allowed enemy nations to attack them.

2 kings end with the story of Elijah. He was a great prophet of God. God didn’t allow Elijah to die but took him to heaven.

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Who wrote the book of 2 kings

Many scholars believed that the author of 2 kings is Jeremiah. Many scholars believe that these books are a concluding part of the Deuteronomistic History.

When was the book of 2 kings written

Like Samuel, the two books of kings were originally composed as one book. It was divided into two books when it was translated into Greek. The second king’s book is the twelfth book in the old testament of the Bible. It was written about 560-538 B.C The final events recorded in the books of kings were written in 561 B.C.E

Outline of 2 kings

The Divided kingdom, 1:1-17:41

The Reign of Ahaziah in Israel, 1:1-18
The Reign of Jehoram in Israel, 2:1-8:15
he translation of Elijah, 2:1-11
The beginning of Elisha’s Ministry, 2:12-25
Jehoram’s expedition against Moab, 3:1-27

Elisha’s Ministry, 4:1-8:15
Elisha aids a widow, 4:1-7
Elisha and the Shunammite woman, 4:8-37
Elisha at Gilgal, 4:38-44
Elisha and Naaman the leper, 5:1-27
Elisha recovers the axe head, 6:1-7
Elisha starts Aram, 6:8-8:6
Elisha in Damascus, 8:7-15
The Reign of Joram in Judah, 8:16-24
The Reign of Ahaziah in Judah, 8:25-29
The Reign of Jehu in Israel, 9:1-10:36

Jehu anointed by Elisha, 9:1-10
Jehu defeats Jehoram of Israel, 9:11-10:17
Jehu destroyed Baal worshippers, 10:18-36

The Reign of Athaliah in Judah, 11:1-16
The Reign of Joash in Judah, 11:17-12:21
The Reign of Jehoahaz in Israel, 13:1-9
The reign of Jehoash in Israel, 13: 10-25Tg
The Reign of Amaziah in Judah, 14:1-22
The Reign of Jeroboam II in Israel, 14:23-29
The Reign of Azariah in Judah,15:1-7
The Reign of Zechariah in Israel, 15:8-12
The Reign of Shallum in Israel, 15:13-15
The Reign of Menahem in Israel, 15:16-22
The Reign of Pekahiah in Israel, 15:23-26
The Reign of Pekah in Israel, 15:27-31
The Reign of Jotham in Judah, 15:32-38
The Reign of Ahaz in Judah, 16:1-20

The Reign of Hoshea in Israel, 17:11-41
The defeat of Israel, 17:1-6
The sins of Israel, 17:7-23
The resettlement of Israel, 17:24-41

The surviving kingdom of Judah, 18:1-25:30

The Reign of Hezekiah, 18:1-20:21
The Reign of Manasseh, 21:1-18
The Reign of Amon, 21:19-26

The Reign of Josiah, 22:1-23:30
He repairs the temple, 22:1-7
He recovers the law, 22: 8-20
He renews the covenant, 23:1-3
He reforms the nation, 23:4-30

The Reign of Jehoahaz, 23:31-33
The Reign of Jehoiakim, 23:34-24:7
The Reign of Jehoiachin, 24:8-16

The Reign of Zedekiah, 24:17-25:21
Rebellion against Babylon and destruction of the temple, 24:17-25:10
Third deportation to Babylon, 25:11-21

Gedaliah, the puppet Governor, 25:22-26
The release of Jehoiachin in Babylon, 25:27-30

2 Kings 2 commentary

This chapter includes the story of Elijah in bible study tools 2 kings 2. Elijah was a prophet who went to different schools of the prophets to give them his teachings and blessings. Elisha was one of the followers who followed Elijah. Elijah divides the Jordan river and He was carried to heaven in a fiery chariot.

When Elijah left his mantle to Elisha as a token of descent spirit on him. He was anointed double fold. He was manifested as Elijah’s successor. God gave Elisha the power to do miraculous things:

  • Elisha prayed for a dead child to live. ( 2 kings 4:8-37)
  • Elisha made poisonous food safe. ( 2 kings 4:38-41)
  • Elisha cured Naaman by God’s power. ( 2kings 5)
  • Israel won all the battles without a fight because of Elisha. ( 2 kings 6:8-23)

2 kings 2 23 24 explained when Elisha was going on his way to Bethel. The children of the city were following and mocked him by saying him go bald head. Then Elisha turned back to them and cursed him in the name of the lord.

Why first kings is so important

Second kings have many unique events and people. Two people were raised from death. The prophet Elijah went with the lord without dying. The waters in the Jordan river rolled back twice. These and other miraculous events testify to God’s works among his people.

The book of kings shows us how faithful God is to His people. We see the full spectrum of God’s dealings with the people of Israel from blessings under Solomon to desolation and captivity. The blessings and curses that are promised to Israel were given in the book of Deuteronomy.

The author explained Elisha’s ministry after Elijah was taken to heaven. He wrote about the numerous miracles that were performed by Elisha.

What is the theological purpose of 2 kings

The book of 2 kings bible was written during the time of Judah’s captivity in Babylon. The temple of God was destroyed and Jerusalem was in ruin. The kings have been evaluated how they have been worshipping the Lord. Those who are Good kings were served in Jerusalem whereas the remaining others did evil in His sight.

David and Jeroboam are the two kings who set examples for the rest of the nation. David honored God and obeyed his law. Jeroboam disobeyed God and His temple and set up two golden calves to worship. The Good kings of the south nation followed David as their follower. Most kings of the north followed Jeroboam as their follower.

Book of 2 kings summary

The books of 1 and 2 kings are the stories of Israel’s decline. The first and second Samuel tells how Israel’s lives to reign from corrupt judges to the righteous leadership of David but the kings show how Israel divides and falls into her enemies. Israel is united by the godly king David, who appointed his son Solomon to rule after him.

The second kings summary continued with the history of the divided kingdom, the nation of Assyria invaded the northern kingdom, scattered and captivated the people of Israel. By the end of the kings, the people of God have not reached their promised land. The people of Israel had been enslaved, scattered, and decimated by their enemies.

2 Kings chapter 17 summary explains about King Hoshea who was the last king of Israel ruled over Samaria. He was not the man of the lord but he was considered evil in the eyes of the lord. 2 Kings chapter 25 summary explains the Zedekiah rebelled against the king of Babylon. During the 9th year of Nebuchadnezzar, Nebuzaradan who is the official king of Babylon came to Jerusalem and served fire to the temple of the lord, Royal Palace, and other houses.

The author of the 2 kings directly connected the Israelites apostasy as they were led by their wicked kings and to their destruction of the nation. The Israel people had repeated warnings from the prophets to turn from their evil ways and turn to God because the people of Israel continued to live in sin.

From the book of second kings, we learn to serve only our God but not serve false gods. we must listen to God’s words. So that we will be blessed. When we do evil deeds, God might send someone to warn us.