Outline of the book of 1 kings

Overview of the book of 1 kings

The book of 1 kingsuses the history of the kings of Judah to explain the destruction of Jerusalem. It is also a story of the failure of monarchy and deserving Judgement. It is also a story about God’s unrelenting commitment to God’s people through divine words of hope, summons, warning, and judgment as God always wanted them to maintain a covenant relationship with Him.

The book of 1 kings contains the account of Israel from Solomon to the destruction of Judah. Together Samuel and Kings relate the history of the monarchy (ruling of one king) from its rise to the ministry of Samuel to its fall in the hands of Babylonians.

1 Kings is a book about the history of the people who are living in Israel called Israelites. This book continues the story that began in Samuel. These history books contain many examples of prophets that teach how we need to live. 1kings begins with the story of Solomon who was a wise king and he became rich and built a temple in Jerusalem. But then Solomon married many wives and when he was old they encouraged him to serve evil gods.

After Solomon during there was a revolution and Israel became two countries. The south was called Judah and Rehoboam became the first king of Judah. The north was called Israel. When the kings obeyed God the people were at peace but when they disobeyed Him and worshipped other Idols then they were punished.

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Who wrote the book of 1 king

Many scholars believed that the author of 1 kings is Jeremiah. Many scholars believe that these books are a concluding part of the Deuteronomistic History.

When was the book of 1 kings written

Like Samuel, the two books of kings were originally composed as one book. It was divided into two books when it was translated into Greek. The first king’s book is the eleventh book in the old testament of the Bible. It was written about 560-538 B.C The final events recorded in the books of kings were written in 561 B.C.E

The key personalities in the book of 1 and 2 kings are David, Solomon, Rehoboam, Jeroboam, Elijah, Ahab, and Jezebel. The book describes the rule of Solomon as the last king and then the splitting of the kingdom into parts after his death. The book of kings bible was written to teach the lessons of history.

Who was the first king in the bible

Saul was the first king of Israel. When the people of Israel asked Samuel to appoint them a king. Samuel prayed to the Lord to guide him as a king for the people. Then God showed Saul, who was the tribe of Benjamin. Then Samuel anointed Saul and made him the first king of Israel.

Outline of 1 kings

The united kingdom

The Accession of Solomon, 1:1-3:1
The struggle for the succession, 1:1-53
The final charge of David to Solomon, 2:1-12
The purge initiated by Solomon, 2:13-46
The marriage of Solomon, 3:1

The Wisdom of Solomon, 1 kings 3:2-4:34
Solomon’s request for wisdom, 3:2-15
Solomon’s display of wisdom, 3:16-28
Solomon’s administration, 4:1-28
Solomon’s fame, 4: 29-34

The temple of Solomon 5:1-8:66
Preparations for the Temple, 5:1-18
Description and construction of the temple, 6:1-38
Construction of other buildings, 7:1-12
Furnishing the Temple, 7: 13-51
Dedication of the temple, 8:1-66

The fame of Solomon, 9:1-10:29
His covenant from God, 9:1-9
His gift to Hiram, 9:10-14
His subjects, 9:15-25
His navy, 9:26-28
His visit from the queen of Sheba, 10:1-13
His wealth, 10:14-29

The downfall of Solomon
The reasons, 11:1-18
The warning, 11:9-13
The adversaries, 11:14-28
The prophecy of Ahijah, 11:29-40
The death of Solomon, 11:41-43

The divided kingdom

The Rupture in the kingdom, 12:1-24
The request of the northern tribes, 12:1-4
The reply of Rehoboam, 12:5-15
The revolt of the northern tribes, 12: 16-24

The Reign of Jeroboam in Israel, 12:25-14:20
Establishing religious centers and worship, 12:15-33
Encountering the man of God, 13:1-32
Elevating non-Levites to the priesthood, 13:33-34
Experiencing his son’s sickness and Ahijah’s prophecy, 14:1-18
Expiring, 14:19-20

The Reign of Rehoboam in Judah, 14:21-31
Apostasy in Judah, 14:21-24
Attack by Shishak of Egypt, 14:25-28
Death of Rehoboam, 14:29-31

The Reign of Abijam in Judah, 15:1-8
The Reign of Asa in Judah, 15:9-24
His reforms, 15:9-15
His war with Baasha, 15:16-24
The reign of Nadab in Israel, 15:25-31

The Reign of Nadab in Israel, 15:25-31
The Reign of Baasha in Israel, 15:32-16:7
The Reign of Elah in Israel, 16:8-14
The Reign of Zimri in Israel, 16:15-20
The Reign of Omri in Israel, 16:21-28

The Reign of Ahab in Israel, 16:29- 22:40
The beginning of Ahab’s reign, 16:29-34
Elijah’s prediction of drought, 17:1
God’s provision of Elijah, 17:2-24
Elijah’s challenge to the priests of Baal, 21:1-29
Elijah’s flight to Horeb, 19:1-18
Elijah’s appointment of Elisha, 19:19-21
Ahab’s Aramean victories, 20:1-43
Ahab’s desire to have Naboth’s vineyard, 21:1-29
Ahab’s final battle, 22:1-40

The Reign of Jehoshaphat in Judah, 22:41-50
The Reign of Ahaziah in Israel, 22:51-53

Why first kings are so important

The kings who reigned under God’s authority remained faithful to God and experienced God’s blessings. But the kings who deviated from the law and disobeyed him have experienced curses. The book of the first king’s bible revealed Solomon’s relationship with Yahweh. He received divine wisdom and wealth from God. His reputation reached far beyond the borders of Israel to modern Yemen, the queen of Sheba.

Solomon builds the temple which is God’s permanent dwelling place among His people. Solomon’s numerous marriages led to his wandering faith in later years. The history recorded in history was meant to preserve not only the important events that took place but spiritual truth learned through those events.

Charts of kings of Israel and Judah

The rise of the dragons (kings and sorcerers–book 1) or kings of Israel chart is given below:

Kings of Israel Kings of Judah
Jeroboam I 1. Rehoboam
Nadab 2. Abijah
Baasha 3. Asa
Elah 4.Jehoshaphat
Zimri 5. Jehoram
Omri 6. Ahaziah
Ahab 7. Athaliah
Ahaziah 8. Joash
Jehoram 9. Amaziah
Jehu 10. Uzziah
Jehoahaz 11. Jotham
Jehoash 12. Ahaz
Jeroboam II 13. Hezekiah
Zechariah 14. Manasseh
Shallum 15. Amon
Menahem 16. Josiah
Pekahiah 17.Jehoahaz
Pekah 18. Jehoiakim
Hoshea 19. Jehoiachin

Book of 1 kings summary

The books of 1 and 2 kings are the stories of Israel’s decline. The first and second Samuel tells how Israel’s lives to reign from corrupt judges to the righteous leadership of David but the kings show how Israel divides and falls into her enemies. Israel is united by the godly king David, who appointed his son Solomon to rule after him.

The first king’s summary is about King Solomon who was blessed with wisdom. God tells Solomon to remember His law and obey him and follow his father’s ways. Solomon was charged with building a Majestic temple to the Lord in Jerusalem. Unfortunately, Solomon was unfaithful to God in his last years and God divides the kingdom after his death.

The rest of these books explain the way each king followed God and led people to worship. Each king in the book is remembered whether they lead Israel to worship God in Jerusalem or worship idols. Neither Israel nor Judah keep your law of Moses and worship God at Jerusalem and therefore both were taken captive by enemy nations. Israel is captive by Assyria and Judah falls to Babylon.