Telugu Christian Worship Songs Album | ONLY WAY | ఏకైక మార్గం | Bro Ravikanth | His Kingdom Music

H I S K I N G D O M M U S I C. Vol 3 – 2013
#EkakaikaMargam(Only Way)
Telugu Christian Songs.

Song List
Yese Margamani Telusu
Na Adharana Neve
Kraisthava Eadhi Ne Viswasam
Na Deva Na Deva
Hrudhyamunu Marchu –
Prema Na Yesu Prema
Na Pranama

Ravinder Vottepu
Vinod Kothapalli
Raja Sekhar Donthumalla
Prasanna Kumar Garikapati
Ratna Bhaskar
Saka Vara prasad
Joel Lazarus Gummadi
Megh Raj Meg-uh-watt

Ravinder Vottepu
Vijay Kothapalli
Lohit K
Vinod Kothapalli
Shekar Dontimalla

Ratna Bhaskar
Ravikanth yeddu
Srikanth Gorle

Tune Composers
Bro Ravikanth Yeddu

Music Composer
Bro Ravikanth Yeddu
Keyboard & Drum Programming: Bro Ravikanth Yeddu
Electric Guitars: Bro Ravikanth Yeddu

Keyboard Player: Uday Kothapalli
Acoustic Guitar Player: Vinod Kothapalli

Media Mansion

Sound Engineers
Uday Kothapalli
Ravikanth Yeddu
Joel Lazarus

Cover page: Joel Lazarus

Pas.Saka Sudhakar

Video Composer

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Thanks Giving
Heartfelt thanks to My Lord Jesus Christ who gave me this opportunity to do His service and I am always thankful to my parents Mrs Jayalakshmi and Mr. Daniel Bhakthul for their persistent encouragement to utilize all my talents at all times for the glory of God.Special thanks to my supporters and well-wishers, And My kind thanks to Audience and Viewers
-Bro Ravikanth MSc MPhil MTech

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