Psalm 91

This psalm 91 spoken is untitled and therefore its author remains unknown. Because he shared some of the topics from Psalm 90, some believe Psalm 91 written by Moses was the author. Because he shares several themes and phrases in psalm 27 and 31, some believe the author was David. “Parts of his language, fortress and shield, remind us of David, whom the Septuagint ascribes to him; another sentence repeats the song of Moses in Deuteronomy 32 and Psalm 91; but it’s actually anonymous and timeless, maybe even more accessible for it. (Derek Kidner)

Many have noticed the wonderful nature of this psalm91: “This psalm 91 catholic is one of the greatest possessions of the saints.” (G. Campbell Morgan) “There is no happier psalm in the entire collection, the tone is constantly being raised and defended, faith is at its best and speaks loftily.” (Charles Spurgeon) “This is one of the most extraordinary works of its kind to have ever appeared. It is impossible to imagine anything sturdier, more beautiful, deeper or more ornate.” (De Muis, quoted in Spurgeon)

Complete psalm 91

This psalm 91 catholic is untitled and we cannot determine the name of its author or date of creation. Jewish physicians believe that if the author’s name is not mentioned, we can give the psalm to the final author. and if so, this is another psalm of God man Moses. Many of the terms used here are similar to those used by Moses in Deuteronomy, and internal evidence of certain idioms indicates him as a creator. The continuing lives of Joshua and Caleb, who fully follow God, make this psalm particularly appropriate, because they live “among the dead in their graves” as a reward for abiding in God.

For these reasons, it is not at all surprising that this psalm was written by Moses, but we dare not be dogmatic. If David’s pen is used to give us this incomparable verse, we cannot believe, as some believe, that he remembers the plague that destroyed Jerusalem because of the census. So if he sang to himself that he saw the “wages of the wicked,” it would be contrary to his statement: “I have sinned, but what have these sheep done?” ” and the absence of any reference to Zion’s penance is puzzling, for David’s transformation would inevitably make him stop at the Atonement and the sprinkling of hyssop.

There are no more exhilarating psalms in the entire collection, tones constantly raised and defended, faith is at its best and speaks loftily. A German doctor would not call it the best preservative for cholera, and in fact, it is a heavenly remedy for plague and pests. Anyone who can live in their spirit will be fearless even if London returns to Lazarus and his grave is full of corpses. On this occasion we will follow the section our translators have placed above the Psalms, because they are loving and suggestive.

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What is Buckler: Small round shield (= in the past a flat metal or skin object that soldiers held in front of their body to protect themselves)

Psalm 91 spoken

Who lives under the protection of the Almighty
He will rest in the shadow of the Most High.
2 I will say of the Lord, You are my refuge and my stronghold;
My God I believe.

God will do the following: god is god lyrics

3 Surely the LORD will save me
of Fowler’s snare
and from a deadly plague.
4 The LORD will cover me with his fur,
and under his wings I will find refuge;
His loyalty and you’re loyal will be my shield and fortress.
5 I will not be afraid of the horrors of the night;
or arrows that fly in the daytime,
6 Another plague lurks in the dark
or a devastating plague during the day.
7 a thousand will fall beside you
ten thousand from my right hand
but he doesn’t want to come near me.
8 I will only watch with my own eyes
and see the punishment of the bad guys.

This is my part:

9 When I say: God is my protection.
and I made my supreme house

The one who lives in the hiding place of the highest

10 Nothing will hurt me
No bad luck has come near my tent.
11 For the LORD will command his angels upon me
to protect myself in all my ways;
12 They will take me into their hands

the one who lives in hiding

so as not to set foot on the rock.
13 I will enter into the lion and the cobra;
I will trample the lion and the big snake.

Then the LORD said

14 Because you love me, says the Lord, I will save you;
I will ensure you since you know my name.
15 You will call me and I will answer you;
I’ll be in trouble with you
I will save you and respect you.
16 I will fulfill you with a long life
god is god cipher and I will show my salvation

Because he lives lyrics

God sent his son, they called him, Jesus
She learned to love, heal, and forgive
He lived and died to forgive me
An empty grave there to prove the life of my Savior.
Since he’s alive, I can wake up tomorrow
When he was alive, all fear disappeared
Because I know he holds the future
And life is worth living
Only because he’s alive.
How cute it is to hold a newborn baby
And feel the pride and joy it gives
But even calmer
This child can face uncertain days because they are still alive.
And then one day I’ll cross that river
I will fight the last war of my life in pain
And then until death gives way to victory
I will see the light of glory and know that He reigns.
Since he’s alive, I can wake up tomorrow
When he was alive, all fear disappeared
Because I know he holds the future
And life is worth living
Only because he’s alive
Because he’s still alive
Because he’s still alive

Because he lives cipher


[Psalm 91] The prayer of those who seek refuge in God, perhaps in the temple (Psalm 91: 1-2). The psalmist believes that God’s presence will protect people in every dangerous situation (Psalm 91 evangelical 91: 3-13). The final verse is a prophecy of salvation and promises salvation for those who believe in God (Psalm 91 evangelical: 14-16).

* [91: 1] Refuge of the Most High: the main hiding place, but in the Psalms the designation for the holy places of the Temple, compare Ps. 27: 5; 31:21; 61: 5. The shadow of the Most High: sanctified, “the shadow of the on the wings of the lord of the Most High”, see Ps. 17: 8; 36: 8; 57: 2; 63: 8. Ps 91: 4 clearly shows that the shadow is a picture of the security offered by the cherubim’s wings stretching out in the sanctuary of the saints.