Book of Joshua

Overview of the book of Joshua

The book of Joshua explains the story of Israel people who have followed Moses for 40 years. God has delivered them from the bondage of Egypt. He disciplined them in the wilderness and brought them to the promised land as he promised their ancestors Abraham, Issac, and Jacob. At the end of the Deuteronomy, Moses is dead and Joshua is commissioned to lead the people into the promised land of Canaan. It is the first book of the former prophets in the Tanakh, It is the bible of Jesus’s time.

The book of Joshua Mark’s God fulfilling his promises to the generations of Abraham that the promised land Canaan belongs to his descendants. After a long time more than 500 years later the people of Israel settled the promised land and made it theirs. This book also Marks the end age for Israel. After the death of Moses and Joshua, there is no commission leader for the nation of Israel. Israel moves into the age of Judges then God periodically raises many leaders to deliver Israel from their enemies.

When was the book of Joshua written

it is the sixth book of the bible. It was written during the Babylonian exile in the sixth-century B.C.E. The book is all about the story of Israel’s life in the land of Canaan. The book spans approximately 40 years. The events in the book of Joshua began around 1406-08 BC.

Who wrote the book of Joshua

Joshua is identified as the author of this book. Joshua was the eye witness to many of the events and he recorded them into the book shortly.

Joshua was born in Egypt and his name was Hoshea which means salvation. Then Moses changed his name to Joshua and the meaning was God is salvation.

How many chapters in Joshua

  • The book of Joshua has 24 chapters
  • Chapter 1-12 describes the conquest of the land
  • chapters 13-21 recount the partition of the land
  • chapter 22 describes the civil war
  • chapters 23-24 describes Joshua’s final days.

Outline of Joshua

The book of Joshua outline is below:

I. Entering the Land of Canaan, 1:1-5:15

  • The commission of God to Joshua, 1:1-9
  • The command of Joshua to the people, 1:10-19
  • The canvassing of Jericho: Rahab and the spies, 2:1-24
  • The crossing of the Jordan river, 3:1-17
  • The commemoration of the crossing, 4:1-24
  • The circumcision of the people, 5:1-12
  • The commander of the lord’s Army, 5:13-15

II. conquering the land of Canaan, 6:1-12:24

Conquest of central Canaan, 6:1-8:35
  • The victory of Jericho, 6:1-27
  • Defeat at Ai: Achan’s sin, 7:1-26
  • Victory at Ai, 8:1-29
  • Worship at Ebal, 8:30-35
Conquest of southern Canaan, 9:1-10:43
  • Deception of the Gibeonites, 9:1-27
  • Destruction of the Amorite coalition, 10:1-43
  • Conquest of Northern Canaan, 11:1-15
  • Summary of the conquest, 11:16-12:24

III. Dividing the land of Canaan, 13:1-24:33

  • Instructions to Joshua, 13:1-7
  • Divisions of Transjordan, 13:8-33

Division of Canaan, 14:1-19:51

  • Introduction, 14:1-5
  • Inheritance of Judah, 14:6-15:63
  • Inheritance of Ephraim, 16:1-10
  • Inheritance of half-tribe of Manasseh, 17:1-18
  • Survey of the remaining land, 18:1-10
  • Inheritance of Benjamin, 18:11-28
  • Inheritance of Simon, 19:1-9
  • Inheritance of Zebulun, 19:10-16
  • Inheritance of Issachar, 19:17-23
  • Inheritance of Asher, 19:24-31
  • Inheritance of Napthali, 19:32-39
  • Inheritance of Dan, Josh 19:40-48
  • Special inheritances, 19:49-51
  • Cities of Refuges, 20;1-9
  • Cities of the Levites, 21:1-45

Joshua’s Farewell Messages, 22:1-24:28

  • To the two and a half tribes, 22:1-34
  • To the rulers, 23:1-16
  • To the people, 25:1-28
  • The death of Joshua, 24:29-33

Main characters in Joshua old testament bible

The important characters in the book of Joshua are Joshua and Israel’s God.


He was from the tribe of Ephraim and served as Moses aide from his youth. Joshua was not involved when Israel turned away to worship the golden calf. When Moses sent Joshua and 11 spies to the promised land. He was the only spies who believed that Israel’s God will help them to seize the land. After the death of Moses God chooses Joshua to lead the Israel nation into the promised land.


Many wars were held against Israel to invade the land of Canaan. The ancient Israelites viewed the battle as a spiritual war, and the true commander was the lord himself. Along with Joshua Caleb is the one who kept faith in God when he spied Canaan with Joshua and finally received his share of the promised land.

Key terms

The word land is used 102 times in the book of Joshua. God promised Israel to give the land. The word rest is used 16 times. God delivered Israel people from slavery and give them rest. The word covenant is used 22 times. The word Moses is used 59 times, he was the leader of Israel. The word strong is used 15 times.

Miracles in the book of Joshua

  • Parting of Jordan river – Joshua 3: 7-17
  • Destruction of Jericho walls – Joshua 6: 1-27
  • Hail and sword destroy the Amorites – Joshua 10: 1-11
  • Sun and moon stand still – Joshua 10: 12-15

Book of Joshua summary

Joshua is a book that shows how to establish and maintain God’s kingdom. The book opens with Joshua who was strong and courageous to lead the people into the land of Canaan. God supported Joshua by miraculously stopping the Jordan river and allowing the nation to enter Canaan on dry ground.

The story of Joshua’s summary emphasizes the faithfulness of God to give the land of Canaan to the people, the importance of the law of God, and the holiness of God in judging the sins of Israel people. The book of Joshua bible study explains God’s promises fulfilling to his people.

The book is all about Obedience to God’s command and blessing. God stresses the blessing of complete obedience. The key lesson of this Book was obedience. The book of Joshua tells the story of Israel’s entry into the land of Canaan after 40 years in the wilderness. Conquering the land of Canaan, redistribution of the land to twelve tribes, renewing the covenant between the Lord and Israel.

In the book of Joshua’s Bible, God is more ready to accomplish his plan for his people. The Lord told Moses to commission Joshua as his successor and lead the people to conquer the land. Joshua’s qualities were faith, courage, obedience, and obeying the law.